Telecom / Networking / Server

As data processing and storage needs increase with each new innovation, so does the need for more powerful systems occupying the same or less space as their predecessors. NuTherm thermal solutions for networking and telecom applications focus on providing highly effective cooling solutions that work in small to large and indoor or outdoor system settings. Support for thermal solutions runs the gamut from Radio and Fixed Access to the many forms of networks that power our daily lives behind the scenes.


  • Highly reliable; suitable for applications requiring long service life
  • Solutions focus on overcoming lateral spreading limitations
  • CFD analysis is utilized to find the optimal thermal solution for your application
  • Full range of heatsink and heat pipe cooling solutions
  • Maximizing cooling surfaces with minimum volume
  • Solutions for natural or forced convection
  • Tailor-made to perform in wide temperature and climate ranges
  • Perform thermal validation, vibration, and shock testing