NuTherm Tech is a company that designs, engineers, and manufactures top-quality heat-sinks for use in any application where heat dissipation is a need. From the smallest, passive heat-sink in pocket electronics to giant, active fluid-cooled cold plates for cutting edge applications, Nutherm Tech is dedicated to providing the best in quality, service, and pricing. Our goals are to:

  • Always exceed the expectations of our customers
  • To consistently improve customer satisfaction with high efficiency, superior product quality, and friendly, experienced customer support.
  • Use our expert engineering staff to produce innovative, unique products that will improve any customer’s project.
  • To promote a positive working environment for all workers, rewarding initiative and drive, and constantly working to improve.

By continually focusing on these 4 core points, NuTherm is confident that we will be able to meet any challenge that may be presented to us- not just meet, but excel.